E.D. Hughes Excavating Services

We gained our well-respected reputation through our professional workmanship and high-quality work. When you contact us, our skilled employees can answer any questions about your project. Before we begin, we will walk you through our tools, process and time frame so that you know what to expect.

Services Offered

We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions contact us at our office at 541-929-3417.

Site Preparation

Excavation / backfill / finish grading; Foundations, roads and driveways.

Sewer Repairs

All residential sewer repairs, including investigation work.



Demolition and removal of buildings, asphalt and concrete.

Septic Installation and Maintenance

Install and maintain septic systems complete.  This includes sand filter and ATT service contracts.

Directional Drilling

For installation of utilities, waterlines and sewer.

New Construction

Site preparation for new buildings, including all grading and prep for foundations, patios, sidewalks and driveways.

Water Abatement and Drainage

Installation of French drains, curtain drains, sump pumps, and grading for drainage.

Utility Installation

Excavation/backfill or directional drilling for installation of water, sewer, storm and utilities.

Rock / Material Hauling

Delivery, or excavation and removal of material from project site.

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