Water Drainage & Abatement

E.D. Hughes Excavating specializes in water abatement and drainage in the Willamette Valley.

Water Drainage and Abatement

E.D. Hughes Excavating specializes in getting rid of standing water in your crawl space, a soggy yard, wet basement, or driveway drain system by providing you with solutions like a dry well, french drain, and grading.  
We can set up an appointment soon for a professional evaluation of your drainage needs. E.D. Hughes Excavating provides timely ESTIMATES, an effective plan of action, quality work and competitive prices to take care of all your drainage needs.
E.D. Hughes Excavating combines technical expertise, integrity, quality work, a strong customer service ethic, environmental consciousness and fair pricing to bring our customers the best contracting experience they can get. Our full service and quality work has resulted in many satisfied customers and welcome referrals. E.D. Hughes Excavating is well known and respected by real estate professionals and home inspection companies. We are very proud of our years of customer satisfaction.


If you have any water issues call 541-929-3417.  


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