Septic Installation and Maintenance

E.D. Hughes Excavating specializes in septic installation and maintenance in the Willamette Valley.

Septic Installation and Maintenance

If you have ever had an issue with back up, or a funny smell in or around your house, you will need to call an expert.  E.D. Hughes Excavating is the team of experts that you need for your job.  They have built up a quality reputation with sewer repairs and maintenance in the Willamette Valley.  They have stayed up to date and knowledgeable to know how to trouble shoot your septic needs.

We are the service provider that knows better when it comes to your septic system needs. Given the variety of problems that could arise with your septic system, our team will make sure we are fully-equipped with all the top-quality solutions, whatever it may be. Especially if your septic system needs a better functioning septic pump, we will work on its replacement away.

We are Experts for the Job

There is no denying the fact that because of the number of years we’ve spent on building quality experience and reputation, we have also become experts in the industry. We are capable of easily detecting septic system issues. Finding out the root cause of the septic system early means preventing more damages and malfunction to do away with the inconveniences you are yet to experience.


 If you have septic system needs call 541-929-3417.  


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