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Looking for experienced operators. CDL preferred but not required. Please submit application or resume to our main office.

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Site Preparation

Excavation / backfill / finish grading; Foundations, roads and driveways.

Sewer Repairs

All residential sewer repairs, including investigation work.



Demolition and removal of buildings, asphalt and concrete.

Septic Installation and Maintenance

Install and maintain septic systems complete.  This includes sand filter and ATT service contracts.

Directional Drilling

For installation of utilities, waterlines and sewer.

New Construction

Site preparation for new buildings, including all grading and prep for foundations, patios, sidewalks and driveways.

Water Abatement and Drainage

Installation of French drains, curtain drains, sump pumps, and grading for drainage.

Utility Installation

Excavation/backfill or directional drilling for installation of water, sewer, storm and utilities.

Rock / Material Hauling

Delivery, or excavation and removal of material from project site.



Minimal disturbance to your property and taking as little time as necessary.



With over 60 years of combined experience E.D. Hughes excavating is able to provide you exemplerary service.


Highly Trained

Employees at E.D. Hughes Excavating are sent to classes and conferences that increase their knowledge in their given field.


Safety Conscious

E.D. Hughes Excavating ensures each work site is safe for our employees, for other contractors and for the public. We make certain that everyone who shows up on a project site goes home safely to their family and friends.

No Project Too Small

E.D. Hughes Excavating is known for not having a job that is too small.  Many customers have come to know that E.D. Hughes Excavating is willing to go the extra mile and provide quality services. They strive to be known as the company that can do the impossible (or what customers perceive as impossible).  With the knowledge and experience that the E.D. Hughes Excavating team have they are able to figure out complex projects and complete them in an efficient manner.

If you have a project that you would like to have looked at please contact us at 541-929-3417.


We’ve Been In Business For Over 40 years

 E.D. Excavating Inc. provides excavation, demolition, sewers and septic services for many happy customers.

Client Testimonials

Thank you! Big John and old John were amazing, hardworking and thoughtful. When I needed an added function they stopped and listened and figured it out. This was a big job! Grateful! 

Annie C.

Thank you so much for the fine job you did on our new road (and the minor repairs on the old one). Your friendly, agreeable attitude and helpful ideas are very much appreciated. You certainly finished the job in a timely manner. 

Joe S.

Thank you so much! You are a blessing to our church! 
Thanks for donating turkeys for the 6 am delivery to our church. It was great to see the free bible dispenser at the door of your office (we need more of that in this country). Thanks again 

Local Youth Pastor

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